Staff News Request

Staff News Request



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Please follow the guidelines for what information to list as follows:

NEW BABY - include parents' names, baby's name, date of birth, weight, height. If this is a new grandbaby for an ARDC or Extension employee - please note which parent is the son or daughter of the employee.

ENGAGEMENT - list fiance's name and if a wedding date has been set, please include it.

MARRIAGE - include name of spouse, when and where the wedding took place

DEATH IN THE FAMILY - include name and relationship to employee of the person who has passed away. If you would like to include the date of death, where the person lived, and cause of death, that would be fine

HOSPITALIZATION - include where and why employee was in the hospital. Please note if he or she is still in the hospital.

RECEIVED AN AWARD - include name of award, where and when employee received award. Any other details - such as what the award recognizes would be helpful

RETIREMENT - when employee is retiring and how long they have been at the ARDC/Extension and/or how long they have been at the University or any other related details

OTHER - any other newsworthy happenings that don't fall neatly into any of the above categories



Why and How to Use This Form

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  • This form is to be utilized by University of Nebraska–Lincoln ARDC, Extension in Saunders County, Husker Genetics, and SREC Administation employees to advise the Social Committee so that appropriate recognition actions can be taken.
  • When filling in the blanks...please use your mouse and click on the next box...DO NOT do a hard return, or your form will submit with incomplete information.
  • Please direct any questions to