ARDC Christenson Room Reservation Form

August N. Christenson Research and Education Building * ROOM RESERVATION FORM * Located at the University of Nebraska Eastern Nebraska Research and Extension Center at the ARDC - Near Mead, Nebraska

Room registrations at the University of Nebraska August N. Christenson Research and Education Building must be made by an employee officed at the University of Nebraska Eastern Nebraska Research and Extension Center. Those staff officed at the center include ENREC, Husker Genetics, Nebraska Extension in Saunders County, Southeast Extension District, and the Greater Nebraska Business Center.

Please note if this event is during regular office hours
IMPORTANT: With the enhanced technology in the building, make sure that those not familiar with it, schedule a time for an orientation during regular work hours prior to their meeting.
PLEASE NOTE: If our staff will not be present and a key/code are being provided to someone else in the University system - that person must come out for a pre-event orientation and sign off a check-off sheet prior to leaving the building after their event.


Instructions on how to get WIRELESS connectivity for your visitors.

This process should be completed at least 1 week prior to your event.

    In order for visitors to access the wireless system, you will need to complete a request at:

    It is a simple process - open this PDF guide for step by step instructions.

    Wireless Internet Connection at ENREC

    After you have completed the wireless sign-up request, you will want to download this next document for your guests to utilize at your program. Download this form and enter the user name and password on the Word document.

Rooms Requested (check all that apply)
Will food be served at this meeting?
(Only approved caterers can be utilized. If the employee completing this form is not directly involved in planning of the program that they are booking - that employee is responsible for advising the program contact person of catering information. Vendor insurance look up form available at or contact Purchasing at 472-2126.
Food will be served at what location?
I will serve the following at this meeting
Please remember that there is ice in the chest freezer on the east end of the building. But if you use some, please replace what you used.
Advertise your event on the outdoor building sign
The AUDITORIUM is equipped with permanent equipment (projector unit, screen, computer) - but if whoever will be using the equipment at the meeting needs instructions on how to use the equipment - time should be scheduled for orientation PRIOR to the meeting. Or if the program coordinator is interested in using any of the other equipment in the building and is not familiar with it - they will need instructions in advance of their meeting.
Specify multimedia needs
Equipment Reservation Request (Please complete the top portion of the form with person reserving the equipment's name and contact information. Include details on pickup date and return below.
If your event is outside of normal office hours, do you wish to have lobby/hallway monitors on?
If the group plans on visiting specific research areas at the ARDC, note those areas here and please remember to contact the appropriate managers. When planning to use the ARDC bus or trams, requests should be made at least 4 weeks in advance - to verify availability of equipment and driver.
I am requesting the following transportation
Need more information on UNL driving and motor vehicle policies? See information at:
Youth Safety - Will youth be in attendance at this event? (READ POLICY INFO BELOW- UPDATED Feb. 2015)

IMPORTANT: The Youth Activity Safety Policy was revised in Feb. 2015 - Please make sure you are familiar with the current version of the policy!!!

You are responsible for determining what actions need to be taken.

Effective February 1, 2015, the policy has been modified to incorporate changes in federal guidelines and recommendations made by UNL Internal Audit department following a review of UNL’s procedures.  The updated policy can be found at  The revisions include a Registration Form that must be completed and approved prior to any Youth Activity.  There is also an Incident Reporting Form in the unlikely event that an incident occurs during a Youth Activity.  An online Training Module is available on the website to assist Activity Workers and Sponsors with understanding the content and specifics of the policy. 

One last item before you hit "SUBMIT"- a word on UNL RECRUITMENT...

Please consider UNL RECRUITMENT as you plan meetings - especially if the event involves elementary through high school students.

Contact Mike Cooley with CASNR at 402-472-7911 or to find out how recruitment can be incorporated into the event.