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Nebraska Extension is the vital outreach arm of the University. Extension is the people's "front door" to the vast array of University of Nebraska resources. Extension takes research developed at the ARDC and “teaches” the public what we have learned.

Nebraska Extension in Saunders County is headquartered in the August N Christenson Research and Education Building. A relationship based on shared resources and expertise has enhanced and expanded quality educational opportunities at the ARDC. Many programs are due to the shared efforts of faculty, specialists, and staff from the University of Nebraska, research, teaching, and Extension, schools, agribusinesses and other organizations.

Extension has been tremendously successful at enhancing the lives of Nebraskans. We address the social, economic and environmental issues of our communities via individual consultations, workshops, clinics, on-farm research, mass media, e-mail, Internet web sites and direct teaching. Local Extension staff also serve as part of a state-wide team of professionals who work and share their talents across the state to meet individual, family and community needs in an efficient and effective manner.



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