Soybean Management Field Days Trainers

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You will hear the most current updates on research and information from our trainers.

Grain Marketing/Farm Financial Outlook
- Tina Barrett, Executive Director, Nebraska Farm Business, Inc.
- Clint Hoffman, Risk Management Consultant, The ARC Group LLC.

Integrated Soybean Production Study
- Tony Adesemoye, Nebraska Extension Plant Disease Management Specialist
- Loren Giesler, Nebraska Extension Plant Pathologist
- Keith Glewen, Nebraska Extension Educator
- Thomas Hunt, Nebraska Extension Entomologist
- Brian Krienke, Nebraska Soils Extension Educator
- Josh Miller, Doctoral Student, UNL DPH and Plant Pathology
- Julie Peterson, Nebraska Extension Entomology Specialist
- Ron Seymour, Nebraska Extension Educator – Entomologist
- Charles Shapiro, UNL Soil Scientist -  Crop Nutrition

Role of Water Quality and Nozzle Selection in Weed Management
- Greg Kruger, Nebraska Extension Weed Science and Application Technology Specialist
- Fred Whitford, Director, Purdue Pesticide Programs

Soybean Irrigation Management
- Chuck Burr, Nebraska Extension Educator
- Troy Ingram, Nebraska Extension Educator
- Gary Zoubek, Nebraska Extension Educato

Truth (Soil Fertility Concepts for Soybeans) and Dare (Test it Yourself)
- Brian Krienke, Nebraska Soils Extension Educator
- Charles Shapiro, UNL Soil Scientist -  Crop Nutrition
- Laura Thompson, Nebraska Extension Educator

Your Nebraska Soybean Checkoff Investment
- Nebraska Soybean Board Director

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2015 SMFD Locations

  • Tuesday, Aug. 11  - Rick and Chuck Bergman farm – near Holdrege - Map/Directions
  • Wednesday, Aug. 12 – Jason and Dennis Bonsack Farm - near Alda - Map/Directions
  • Thursday, Aug. 13 – Mike Anderson farm – near Wakefield - Map/Directions
  • Friday, Aug. 14 -  Kent Moravec farm -  near Greenwood - Map/Directions


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