Soybean Management Field Days Topics

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Topics have been selected to meet the needs of producers....

Each year Soybean Management Field Days is held at 4 different sites across Nebraska. Sites are carefully selected annually to capture new audiences and to ensure that the program reaches as many producers as possible. We have an exciting line up of topics and presenters for 2014...see below:

Herbicide Applications, Water Quality and Resistance Management

  • Field demonstration of herbicide drift with discussion on how to mitigate drift with new herbicide-resistant traits.
  • Demonstration of efficacy of new herbicide tank-mixtures for control of glyphosate-resistant weeds
  • How weed growth stage may affect herbicide performance
  • Learn about multiple herbicide-resistant traits in soybean that may commercialize in the near future
- Amit Jhala, UNL Extension Weed Scientist
- Greg Kruger, UNL Extension Cropping System Specialist
- Lowell Sandell, UNL Weed Science Extension Educator
- Cody Creech, UNL Graduate Student

Growth, Development and Growth Enhancement Products

  • The soybean timeline: Growth and Development
  • How yield is made
  • Soybean responses to plant density and planting date.

- Roger Elmore, UNL Extension Agronomist
- Michael Rethwisch, UNL Extension Educator

Multiple Soybean Input Study - Row Spacing, Fungicides- Foliar and Seed Applied, Insecticides, and Nutrient Management 

  • What do you need in a seed treatment product?
  • Are inputs at planting and R3 increasing yields?
  • What are the risks associated with "insurance" application of insecticides?
  • Discover the importance of natural enemies in soybean insect pest management
  • Using NDVI measurements in soybean production
  • Soil Fertility Management for Soybeans

-  Keith Glewen, UNL Extension Educator
-  Loren Giesler, UNL Extension Plant Pathologist
-  Thomas Hunt, UNL Extension Entomologist
-  Brian Krienke, UNL Soils Extension Educator
- Josh Miller, UNL Doctor of Plant Health Student
-  Ron Seymour, UNL Extension Educator – Entomologist
-  Charles Shapiro, UNL Soil Scientist -  Crop Nutrition
-  Robert Wright, UNL Extension Entomologist


Soybean Irrigation Management

  • Scheduling based on soil moisture
  • Scheduling based on crop water use
  • Variety impact on water use efficiency
  • Irrigation timing impact on yield
- Chuck Burr, UNL Extension Educator

- Troy Ingram, UNL Irrigated Cropping Systems Extension Educator
Strahinja Stepanovic, UNL Graduate Student
- Gary Zoubek, UNL Extension Educator

Grain Marketing/Ag Policy/Risk Management

  • Understanding the global soybean market
  • Making farm program decisions
  • Integrating the farm income safety net with risk management decisions
  •  Fine tuning your marketing plan

- Brad Lubben, UNL Extension Policy Specialist
- Jeff Peterson,
Heartland Farm Partners President 

Your Nebraska Soybean Checkoff Investment

- Nebraska Soybean Board Director

How to Handle, Store and Use Biodiesel in Your Farming Operations

- Mark Johnson, MEG Corp. Diesel Fuel Consultant

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2014 SMFD Locations

  • Tuesday, Aug. 12  - Louis Stukenholtz farm – near Auburn - Map/Directions
  • Wednesday, Aug. 13 – Corey and Chris Stengel farm - near Shickley - Map/Directions
  • Thursday, Aug. 14 – Craig and Jan Frenzen farm – near Belgrade - Map/Directions
  • Friday, Aug. 15 -  Dennis Mueller farm -  near Snyder - Map/Directions

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