Wireless Connectivity Requests

How to get Wireless Connectivity for visitors at the ARDC

  • This process should be completed at least 1 week prior to your event.

    In order for visitors to access the wireless system, you will need to complete a request at: https://wireless-reg.unl.edu/conference/login.php.
  • It is a simple process as follows:

    1. After you log into the address above, you will need to enter your UNL user name and password (the same that you use to log onto your computer)
    2. It will open a new screen, select "Register a wireless conference".
    3. Next, enter all of the details about the conference. Enter a user name and password that you would like your visitors to use for your program or meeting.
    4. You will be sent a confirmation e-mail that includes the data you entered, as well as a message stating "Your wireless conference registration request has been received.  The wireless conference will be activated 2 days prior to the conference start date."

Downloadable instructions for your guests

  • Download this Word Document and enter the User Name and Password that you have selected for your program or meeting participants.  The printable instructions show your guests what they need to do to log in.  Or display this document up on the big screen for your guests to see.