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Soybean Management Field Days
Soybean Management Field Days

Thank you to all that attended Soybean Management Field Days in 2016 

2016 Soybean Management Field Days is in the books, but you can still learn about the presentations and research on this website.

Ensuring continued competitiveness of U.S. soy in the global marketplace is integral as we look towards the future... for your profits as a producer AND for feeding a hungry world.

By the year 2020, the world's population is expected to exceed 8 billion people. The U.S. soybean industry can and will be a leader in food production and providing energy to sustain global economic growth.

By attending Soybean Management Field Days you are taking an important step in helping us meet the challenges of the future.

Download the 2016 SFMD Grower Booklet. 
This booklet was handout out at the field days.

Click here to learn more about the Soy 2020 Vision project.

Sponsors - Nebraska Soybean Board and Nebraska Extension


SMFD Locations

2016 Locations

The field days begin with 9 a.m. registration and conclude at 2:30 p.m. Free registration is available the day of the event. Dates, locations and directions are listed below.  (Downloadable maps and directions coming soon!)

Tuesday, Aug. 9
Robert Johnston Farm - near Orchard, South of 859th Rd/514 Ave. intersection

 Wednesday, Aug. 10
Shane Greving Farm - near Chapman,
1374 9th Rd.

   Thursday, Aug. 11
Eberspacher Family Farms
(Darren, Delayne and Wes Eberspacher)
- near Cordova, 4754 Saltillo Rd.

      Friday, Aug. 12
Goff Farms -  near Schuyler
1046 County Road H


What will you learn about?

Learn how to profitably apply the products of technology and research at the farm level.  This educational event is for you - the soybean grower and agronomic representatives supporting the soybean industry. Experts will share their knowledge and experiences as they relate to soybean production, marketing and management. Topics include:

Soybean Irrigation
•  Impact of over irrigation
•  Impact of under irrigation
•  Scheduling with sensors and ET gages
•  UNL Resources – Apps and Computer Models

Soil Fertility, PPO Herbicide, and Conventional Soybean Studies
•  Back to the basics on Phosphorus  
•  Nitrogen management, including inoculants
•  Interaction between soil applied PPO herbicides and soybean seeding diseases
•  Weed management without glyphosate

Grain Marketing and Farm Management
•  Farm financial update
•  Moving forward in uncertain financial times
•  What is going go with this soybean market?
•  How do I know when to sell?

Soybean Production Management  Strategies Comparison
•  Summary of multi-year integrated management study evaluating early and late season inputs
•  Update on current soybean diseases
•  Introduction to “SoyCal” - a new online interactive soybean management tool
•  The role of insecticidal seed treatments in insect pest management (IPM)

Sprayer Management
for Successful Weed Control in Soybeans

•  Spray particle sizes and how they affect pesticide efficacy and spray drift
•  Know your real tank size
•  Know the difference in dry and liquid ounces that are key to correct rates

What you will learn


 The Presenters

The Presenters

Unbiased, research-based information
from University presenters and
industry consultants.   Updates on biodiesel use and markets will be provided by the members and staff of the Nebraska Soybean Board and others.  Included in this year's line-up of experts are:

Soybean Irrigation
-  Chuck Burr, Nebraska Extension Educator
-  Troy Ingram, Nebraska Extension Educator
-  Daran Rudnick, Nebraska Extension Agriculture Water Management Specialist - Crops

Soil Fertility, PPO Herbicide,
and Conventional Soybean Studies
-  Nick Arneson, University of Nebraska–Lincoln Plant Pathology  Research Technologist
-  Brian Krienke, Nebraska Soils Extension Educator
-  Charles Shapiro, University of Nebraska–Lincoln Soil Scientist - Crop Nutrition
-  Rodrigo Werle, Nebraska Extension Cropping Systems Specialist

Grain Marketing and Farm Management
-  Tina Barrett, Executive Director, Nebraska Farm Business, Inc.
-  Jeff Peterson, President, Heartland Farm Partners

Soybean Production Management
Strategies Comparison
-  Loren Giesler, Nebraska Extension Plant Pathologist
-  Tom Hunt, Nebraska Extension Entomologist
-  Josh Miller, Doctoral Student, University of Nebraska–Lincoln Doctor of Plant Health and Pathology Program
-  Ron Seymour, Nebraska Extension Educator – Entomologist
-  Bob Wright, Nebraska Extension Entomologist

Sprayer Management for Successful Weed Control in Soybeans
-  Bob Klein, University of Nebraska Emeritus Cropping Systems Specialist
-  Chris Proctor, Nebraska Weed Management Extension Educator

We are conducting replicated research at the Soybean Management Field Days sites...
learn about what we are finding out!

Research Updates

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