The ARDC is now the Eastern Nebraska Research and Extension Center

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The University of Nebraska Agricultural Research and Development Center (ARDC) is now the Eastern Nebraska Research and Extension Center (ENREC). ENREC is headquartered at what has been known as the ARDC near Mead, NE. (Learn more at   This site will soon be consolidated with

The scope and diversity of ongoing research projects at the center near Mead combines to make the site one of the most unique research facilities in the United States. The site is a major research and education facility of the Agricultural Research Division of the University of Nebraska's Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources (IANR). The size and diversity of the center offers many research and educational opportunities. Through its strategic planning process, IANR has set a course for agricultural research, extension and teaching that will help ensure a financially solid and environmentally sound agricultural future for Nebraska. This site plays a key role in implementing the action plans that support this leadership process. MORE....

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Nebraska Extension in Saunders County

Nebraska Extension in Saunders County provides research-based information and programs in agriculture and natural resources, consumer and family economics, community and economic development and 4-H / youth development. MORE....

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Learn about Husker Genetics
Husker Genetics
University of Nebraska researchers are developing top-notch seed varieties to meet today's growers' changing needs. They are developing improved cultivars through innovative breeding technologies. Learn more about Husker Genetics.
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Southeast Extension District
The administrative office for University of Nebraska's Southeast Extension District is headquartered in the August N. Christenson Research and Education Building. The primary mission of the the Southeast Extension District is to provide research-based education programs for people in southeast Nebraska.   MORE...
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Learn about the Greater Nebraska business Center
Greater Nebraska Business Center
The Greater Nebraska Business Center provides specialized business services for Research and Extension centers within the Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources.  MORE..

Hunting Policies and Maps

  • Hunting at the center near Mead is only allowed during dates and locations specified on this site. Learn more about hunting dates, policies and maps by visiting the link above.  Click here for hunting season info.

USACE NOP Information

  • Learn about the history of the USACE Nebraska Ordnance Plant where the center is currently located and find out about the latest cleanup activities.

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Watch the Nebraska Cover Crop Conference
Watch THE recording of the Nebraska Cover Crop conference.

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* Nebraska On-Farm Research Network- Sponsored by Nebraska Extension, Nebraska Corn Board, Nebraska Corn Growers Association, and the Nebraska Soybean Checkoff Board.

* Comprehensive Training Site- This site provides details on upcoming crop-related workshops, conferences and other training opportunities
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Grab your GPS-enabled device and head to the center or more specifically to N 41° 08.782 W 096° 29.985.

In honor of the ARDC’s 50th anniversary in 2012, a geocache box was hidden. It's still tucked away waiting for the next geocachers to find it.  Geocaching brings the outdoors and technology together.  Armed with a GPS device and coordinates, participants attempt to find a hidden geocache box, often containing inexpensive tokens.  The golden rule of geocaching is to leave something if you take something out of the box. Don't forget to sign the log sheet and leave a note at

Current Weather Conditions

The weather station is located at the Farm Operations/Facilities Operations shop located at the center.  Click here if the weather widget is not showing up on your screeen.